Inline Layout 6 IN6

‌This made to measure shower door is hinged from the right wall and is built to the highest of specifications using toughened safety glass complying with high British Standards.  The door uses an inline panel which extends the size of this door unit by up to 800mm.

 We do all the hard work for you in calculating what hardware you require, and what gaps need leaving for seals and hinges. All you need to do is give us the size of the gap you wish to fill.  We will give you options of a frameless door and framed door so you can get the style you need. This bespoke door is perfect should you need to fill an area that is wider than normal. We will give you options of a frameless door and framed door so you can get the style you need. 

Apart from the obvious, there are two important differences between the styles. Firstly the framed door has adjustment meaning if your width measurements are not correct you have up to 25mm each side to play with, on the other hand the frameless version has to have measurements that are within a couple of "mm" as there is no adjustment.  Secondly, the maximum height of framed door is 1900mm (just short of 75 inches) whilst the frameless door can be built to 2400mm (94.5 inches).

Framed Door Version:

  • 6mm Toughened Safety Glass
  • Chrome Or White Frame
  • Available in Pivot or Bifolding Options
  • Stay Clean, Limescale Protected Glass
  • Magnetic Seals
  • T- Bar Handle In Chrome In All Options
  • Adjustment of 25mm Each Side
  • Approx: 4 / 5 Weeks Delivery
  • Maximum Width: 1640mm
  • Maximum Height: 1900mm
  • Note that this door has a horizontal top frame.

Frameless Door Version:

  • 8mm Or 10mm Toughened Safety Glass
  • Hinges In A Variety Of Finishes
  • Optional Limescale Protection
  • Seals Included
  • Choice Of Handles And Knobs
  • Approx: 3 Weeks Delivery
  • Maximum Width: 1500mm
  • Maximum Height: 2400mm
*We are often asked if we can produce the doors faster than the quoted timescales. This is something that can't be done due to the strict queuing system we have.


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