Wet Room Shower Screens

Wetroom glass shower screens have increased in popularity for many reasons. They are extremely minimalistic. With no moving parts they are easy to install and maintain They offer a great level of versatility install in recesses situations or create a walk in shower by selecting your panel size choices. Install on a wetroom floor or onto a shower tray to create your perfect showering space. If you do need a shower tray to fit the screen onto, then take a look at our rectangular shower trays which are British made and built to last.

What size shower screen do you buy?

This depends on you. Some sliding shower doors have a gap of 350mm which isn't a lot of space to get through. Between 450mm and 600mm is adequate for the average sized man.  For example, if you have a 1600mm wide recess then a 1200mm panel will leave you with 400mm to walk in.

Custom Made Shower Screens

If you require a made to measure shower screen for that awkward space we can help. Our made to measure screens are built using 10mm toughened safety glass and are perfect in helping create a 5 star bathroom.