Inline Enclosure - 2 INE2

‌This made to measure shower enclosure is built using 4 pieces of glass and is built to the highest of specifications using toughened safety glass complying with high British Standards. We do all the hard work for you in calculating what hardware you require, and what gaps need leaving for seals and hinges. All you need to do is give us the overall size you wish to have.

Frameless Large Shower Enclosure:

  • 8mm Or 10mm Toughened Safety Glass
  • Hinges In A Variety Of Finishes
  • Optional Limescale Protection
  • Seals Included
  • Choice Of Handles And Knobs
  • Approx: 3 Weeks Delivery
  • Maximum Entire Door Width: 2500mm (moving door 910mm)
  • Maximum Door Height: 2400mm


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How do I measure?
Once the area is tiled and finished, you can measure from finished wall to wall surface and give us the total height needed. We will then supply a door to fit these measurements which also take into account the allowance needed for seals and fittings. You don't need to worry about trying to work out these allowances, we will take of that. If you are fitting onto a corner shower tray, then the door and side panel would need to be measuring approx 1cm from the edge of the tray.

How long is delivery?
Our frameless doors are currently taken approximately 12 - 16 working days to deliver.

Should I go for 8 or 10mm Glass?
Both our 8 and 10mm safety glass are of a high quality finish and comply with all regulatory standards and are suited to high end bathrooms. The main difference is that of the weight, with the 10mm being 25% heavier than the 8mm.

What if I have measured incorrectly? Can I return it?
We are unable to accept returns based on incorrect measurements supplied. If this happens we will help you get a replacement piece of glass fast, if possible without the need for new hardware.

Are there options of glass colors? / Fittings?
Yes, we can make frosted glass, smoked glass, opti white glass as well as an array of finishes from chrome, brass and even black!.

Can the shower door open inwards?
It certainly can, the standard hinges we supply are 180 degree hinges so can be set to open inwards or outwards.

How does the door stay closed?
Our hinges are self closing at 15 degrees, so if the door is slightly opening at less than 15 degrees the door will self close.

Are the bespoke doors watertight?
Due to the nature of the build of the frameless door, the water flow should not be directed straight at the door / hinge area as there may be small water leakage. This is inherent in the design of frameless shower doors. We have supplied thousands of shower doors and have very few reports of leakages in correctly fitted shower doors.

What if you supply a door that doesn't match the measurements?
In this event we will ensure that we supply you a replacement product quickly and as a matter of urgency. If we get it wrong it is very costly to our business so it is rare that this happens.

How does the door seal?
Our doors closing onto a wall use compression seals and a door closing onto an inline panel uses a 180 degree seal which is connected to the inline panel.

Is there a seal where the hinges are fitted?
Yes, we supply a seal to be fitted down the length of glass where the hinges are fitted. You may or may not want to use the seal depending on where your shower head is positioned. Can be a good idea to test your shower to see if the seal is needed.

Is the glass limescale protected / stay clean?
We offer this protection which can be applied to glass just before use at a price £18 + VAT.

What is an inline panel?
The inline panel is a fixed piece of glass which is fixed. they are useful when the recess area is too wide for a single door which usually spans a maximum of 920mm in width. Using inline panels can extend the doors up to a total of 2000mm in width

Is there a seal at the bottom of the shower door?
Yes, we supply a sweep seal which pushes the water falling down the door back into the shower area.

Do you offer installation?
At this moment in time we do not offer installation. We recommend that you contract a plumber/joiner who is competent and able to install the door for you. Alternatively, we have many DIY enthusiasts who have fitted their own products.

My wall is not solid is this ok?
Your wall must be solid, or at least the part of the wall to which the hinges / clamps or frame will be fitted. This can be solid brick or solid timber.

How much gap should I leave at the top for ventilation?
At least 5cm, but a lot will depend on how ventilated your bathroom is.

Are you hinges lacquer coated?
Our brass hinges are not coated, they are plated depending on the finish.

Are the hinges adjustable?
No, you would need to provide correct measurements. If the door is closing onto a wall, there will be 1 or 2mm available for error due to the compression seal running vertically down the door - that is if you have measured to short...if you have measured to wide then there will be a gap.

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